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what we´ve done | 20 | analogous

what we´ve done in the last month
part 20

April showers bring May flowers

photo by my love

In the last month spring arrived completely in Germany. 
The plants began to thrive. They show theirselfs in the most beautiful shiny colours.  
We heard little baby birds chirping in their bird nests, 
smelled the lovely scent of spring and early summer.
The first hot days made us feel easily and blithe.
My friends Benni and Lydia accompainied me to the waterfront, we made a little picnic and had good talks.

I really love log pile and the smell of fresh chooped wood.

Maxi, my good friend, revisted me. We made a delicious meal with pancakes, natural yoghurt and fresh fruits.

My love sowed chilli plants and I degged them so that the little water droplets looked beautiful in the afternoons sunlight. 

On one of our walks we saw a new cat at a neighbourhouse.

April is fickle. 
Weather toggled between sunshine and rain, hot and cold.
A heavy rainfall made the blossoms fall down on earth. Everything was cluttered with this lovely white blossoms. 
Especially in a puddle it looked brilliant.
photo by my love

My friend Ben spent a day in Dresden and we visited midtown, lay at the meadows by the river and watched people passing by.
Ben fell in love with the sound of my bicycle bell.
photo by Ben
PS: Do you know this funny thermo cup? I received as a gift by Gesine.

I saved a flower from ruin
and the plant began to bloom again.

We had a break from everydays life and ate delicious ice cream in our favorite café.
My dear took a scoop with raspberries and I indulge myself in eating currant-marshmellow and cookie icecream ♥
photo by my love

April showers bring May flowers.
Everything starts to blossom.
When I saw something blooming I always had to stop for taking a photo.
Here I want to shoot the pallid crescent moon. 
On a closer look you can see a bright glow above the roof of the house and beside the trees in the right.

I borrowed books from the library and went home through the Great Garden. Saw the sunlight, the blossoms and the beauty. 
Picked lilac flowers and made up a little bouquet. So an exhausting day finally changed for better. 

Once again we watched the streamers parade.
My favourite boot also participated in. 

We watched small animals:
My nephew was intrigued by the fish and tortoises at my dad´s home.

One evening in early May a heavy thunderstorm crossed over Dresden.
I love the athmosphere before the rain begins to fall. The air is filled with this special tension. Everybody is fuss with walking home faster. The sky looks brilliant and the wind of change blows.

The day after I went out and watched the violence of the storm
before I driven back to blightly.

As you know I visited lovely Esther in Bamberg. There I took a few shots.

We and our good friends went out for a meal and had a great view in the evening sun. 

My dear and I walked along the riverside and through the parks in early June.

On one of my walks in the evening the cute cat kept company with me.

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