Freitag, April 17, 2015

what we´ve done | 19 | analogous & digital

what we´ve done in the last months
part 19

photo by my love

As you know I spent one weeks in Lisbon in march. Back home my mother visited us over the weekend. 
Surprisingly we had a nice time, ate delicious ice cream and chatted a lot.

I kept Lisbon in my mind. Remember all the great hours with my friends, the sensational landscape, the sun, the feeling when I am watching the things I bought there: The brand new shoes, the dressess, the embroided blouse, the pant, the cardigan,..

My dear and I had wonderful walkes in our adopted homeland. My Practika L accompanied all the time. 

Saw more harbingers of spring and my heart went boom! ♥

Good friday we drove home to our families and stayed for a week.
Visiting every one in the family was great but also exhausting. Love the time there with the love ones. And also love the me time when I get some peace. 

The sunsets were terrific..
...and the late afternoons warm 
We used the free time for taking some photos. 
Does the little spiderweb looks brilliant with the light? And the tree?
Richard took some photos that can be viewed on the blog in a few days.  
Behind the scenes :) 
Photos by my love
my analogous result

Call a city home and visited the graveyard I always visited when I was younger.
There I saw a neat squirrel ♥

Back home I passed time with the sweet house kitty cat. She enjoyed ruffling her cat´s fur and relaxed while I am taking some photos. 
We had cozy times!

Woke up in the early morning and had a lot of fun...
...and fell asleep after full and exhausting days
photo by my love

Got amazing little and sweet things. 
You may has noticed that my lovely friend Lea and I got a correspondence - In the time when she is living and studying in Lisbon we´re pen friends! 
And I really love the fact - certainly I´m happy when she´s finally back, but this is a nice way to stay in contact. 
And we´re good in it! We´re surprising the other one with elaborating mercies. 

 Lying in the fields always feels amazing. Here I spent the midday nearby the Dresden tv tower and felt a breeze and the soft grass on my skin.

The moon appears quiet smal, but still beautiful at Dresden sky in the balmy march evening 

One warm evening we went out and saw the beauty of spring as the sun was going down. The light was relly nice. The trees, the fir needles and the cones looked pretty. 
And later we fell asleep and dreamed all night of the sun and the little birds.

I place myself without reserve into his hands, with an infinite trust.

Take my hand, take a breath
Pull me close and take one step
Keep your eyes locked on mine,
And let the music be your guide.