Donnerstag, Dezember 11, 2014

Nichts als das erdrückende Geflüster der Geister

Wenn sich die Nacht wie eine dunkle Decke über dich legt
dich vollständig einhüllt,
du zu frösteln beginnst
und dir vor Angst der Atem stockt.

Wenn dich die Nacht umgibt
und du 
nichts als das Geflüster der Geister
mehr hören kannst.

Dann bist du bei mir angekommen.

Hoffe, bete,
dass du wieder aufwachen darfst.

Mittwoch, Dezember 03, 2014

I smelled the lovely scent of christmas.

I lit some candles,
 baked cookies, 
tinkered a lot, 
drank hot teas,
ate nuts,
listened christmas songs
smelled the lovely scent of christmas.

Hey, listen on radio transmitter 181.FM Christmas Traditional Classic
I love the old christmas songs. It feels like it'll be really christmas - even I can't belive it

Samstag, November 29, 2014

what we´ve done | analogous & digital | 16

what we´ve done in the last months
part 16

Once again pictures from the bygone days arrived.
This time I´m going to show you my very personal autumn edition.

As I promised in the last what we´ve done edition, the continuation when we visited Technische Sammlungen follows now
After we've watched the interior of it, we entered observation platform und got a view allover Dresden.
We also could observe our flat.

On a wonderful mid-October walk we saw grapevine leaves sparkling in a deep red

Also the skyline stained formidable.
Autumn has finally arrived. Particularly since returning to standard time night arrives faster
Exactly the proper time for drinking hot teas and to light candles all over our flat. 

I tried out new hairstyles.

Thanks to Katrin who told me about a lovely store with tasty pineapple sorbet.
On my home walk I found a magical lost place on the very banks of the Elbe river. Sun 
shined comfortably warm on my skin - I got undress my jacket.
Catching the last rays oautumn sunshine and taking them into my heart makes me feel fine.

On a lonely sunday afternoon I saw seagulls flying and human ambling.

I took a few photographs at umundu festival Dresden.

Saw a lonely bike and any rose hips on the way home after Johanna's reloction.

I bought an old schoolbag of the 1940s at the fleemarket.
Currently old people respond to the bag and tell me childhood stories. I really like the laughter when they are telling about.

My good friend Maxi and I spent a great time here. We visited two fleemarkets, walked along the Elbe river, 
we saw my two favorite boats, drunk cocktails and teas, filled our bellys and laughted most of the time.

We had a break from the problems of everydays life and just enjoyed the day.

I celebrated my birthday: After awoking I lighted candles and listened birthday songs. 
My german friends, do you remember Rolf Zukowski's "Wie schön, dass du geboren bist"? 
The song was playing whole day long.
On after the other I unpacked all 
and was suprised und touched by the shower of lovely words and little gifts.

I received visitors and we ate tasty turnovers, cake, candies and pizza.
Thanks to Katrin for this birthday picture :D

My lovely camera Praktica L was damaged so I had to give it to a repairman. 
What a gently man! He did everything in his power for restoration. I wrote a little letter to him.

One November morning I woke up and was anxious about an important exam.
I dressed my pair of socks trusting that they'll bring luck.

When we celebrated Vici's 18th birthday we found one lady bug.

You know my love for cranes - But this love spread. Currently I like all the little birds I can find. 
The bird on top of the glas jar. My rubber stamps. My bracelet. My birds cup
Oh, and did you also see my lovely camera rubber stamp?

I had a lovely sisters-photoshoot this week.

My little gifts and letters arrived Poutugal safely.

We felt the coldness and the warmth of autumn.

How did you spend your autumn?