Donnerstag, April 25, 2013

Tip tapping Henni.

I made some photos with the beautiful Henriette. What a wonderful day with lots of lovely photos!


the sound of the leaves
when my feet hit the ground
the sound of the leaves
when my feet bounce around

Tip tapping
I was tip tapping
in the dark


tip tapping
I was tip tapping
in the park


Samstag, April 20, 2013

shadows growing

Today i wanna show you some photos which are different to the photos i usually take. photographed by Massimo Pulciano.

I'm just a dreamer but I'm hanging on
Though I am nothing big to offer
I watch the birds, how they dive in then gone
It's like nothing in this world's ever still
 I tried out something new
And I'm just a shadow of your thoughts in me
But sun is setting, shadows growing
A long cast figure will turn into night
It's like nothing in this world ever sleeps

Oh sometimes the blues is just a passing bird
And why can't that always be
Tossing aside from your birches crown

Just enough dark to see
How you're the light over me


Mittwoch, April 10, 2013

When I squinted against the sun early in the morning

all praise be yours through brother sun,
 all praise be yours through sister moon.

by mother earth my lord be praised,
by brother mountain, sister sea.


 through brother wind and brother air,
through sister water, brother fire;


the stars above give thanks to thee;
all praise to those who live in peace.

canticle of brother sun/ Missa Gaia