Sonntag, Dezember 01, 2013

Walking home

Two weeks ago I spent time in my hometown and visited my parents, some friends and the kindergarden I worked while my voluntary social year.
Every time when I come home I enjoy the surrounded woods, streamlets and broad acres.
(The songtext I used already three post ago, but I really loves the song, so I decided to quote it once again)

If you want to ride a rainbow, come with me
And I will take you to the magic purple sea
And maybe we will find a thousand sugar fish
When you eat them they will grant your every wish
And if you want your friends to come
 Then bring them all along

If you want to catch a star then walk my way
I will take you where the night is always day
You can follow me if you really try
Maybe we will find a rainbow to teach it to fly

Bow your head and let your eyelids close on down
Where we're going you won't need to bring your frown
You will find that all the things that I have said
Will come true when you are lying in your bed

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