Sonntag, Mai 03, 2015

come with us and enjoy golden hour

It's the time when sun is so low. One hour after sunrise and one hour just before sun has set, it's the perfect time for taking some photos. 
Really love the golden hour.
Everything is bathe in warm light and every time I get such a warm and fuzzy feeling. 
Especially photographing against the sun is an extraordinary and special allure I love.

My dear and I did some photos at golden hour when we´ve visted our families. The beautiful weather made me happy and I was thankful for 
the family and the love around, the small mercies of the days before, the quiet rare harmony
And - certainly - the beautiful and perfect situation with my love. - Well, that made me feel warm all over!
So I want to share some snap-shots with you ♥


  I belong with you, you belong with me you're my sweetheart.

photos by my love ♥

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