Donnerstag, August 08, 2013

what we´ve done | 7

... in the last month...
part 7
The life with you

The third part of our last months together.
Today we are four years twosome. ♥

Markkleeberger See by Leipzig in april

In our hallway. Richard went down to go for a walk with me

morning sunshine

we did photos in front of our huge settee

you opened the door and saw pictures of us. 
I painted 

you be in my heart

Lea made a beautiful cd with lots of lovely songs

our bookshelf fills slowly but surely

we bathe in a naturel swimming bath

at our parents homes

preparing for my uncles wedding
 i caught the bridal bouquet

 yesterday i got an interesting shooting with K.  
first impression of yesterdays shoot.  
  little kitty was inquisitive in my camera bag. 
she saw herself for the first time.

 i made some arrangements for today
lollypops, grapes and kiwi with a chocolate coating,
and a stracciatella whip with lovely words for my sweetheart

four years and still in love ♥

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