Montag, August 19, 2013

what we´ve done | 8

... in the last months
part 8

Dear my faithfully readers,
In the meantime my blog exists for nearly two years.
Lots of thanks for your lovely comments and words to all of my photographes.
I am very pleased to hear that.

Here are some pictures of the last days.

i like eating raspberries and backing cakes.

awaking in the morning. 
i saw a fog bank in the sky

along here,
down by the riverbed.

by the river the cycle rested to overcome fatigue.

i observed seagulls by the water

I made delicate set custard with raspberries. Yum yum!

My dear did the photo at his grandma´s house

 and we spent time in the wood near my parents house.

my 8 years old rabbit died in the last month.

Behind the scenes:
 1| down by the river
2| my first analogous camera: Canon Eos 2000
3| my second analogous camera: wonderful Praktika L
4| my digital camera: Nikon D80


i love eating this amazing berries

Thank you very much!

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