Samstag, März 09, 2013

what we´ve done | 2

I want to made a post with lots of photos of different situations during the last few months.

Almost we are an item for more than 3 years and a half.
And we finally got  a little two-room-flat.  
Common we experience a lot-
looking for a suitable flat, recognized the challenge of cohabit, except our both originalities  ...
Also found some pictures from the last years. Here is the second part. I hope you like.

I fell asleep after finising my works for university
afore we bought new bedclothes.

study for university
the little apple sustained me.

my little crane made some new friends.

we found woodpiles

visiting the fields and making a filmlet for my darling -
a surprise to my darling two years ago.


Sylvie hat gesagt…

beautiful photos...

Maria hat gesagt…

Schönes Bilder :)
Besonders gut gefällt mir das vorletzte Bild. (:

Liebste Grüße und Umarmung, Maria <3

Tallia hat gesagt…

your photos are so inspiring! I just followed (:

Katja E. hat gesagt…

Thanks to you all!