Sonntag, Mai 06, 2012

a million and one

Actions speak louder
Much louder than words
Have you ever stopped to think how I feel?
Maybe cause your a bloke for you it's just one big joke
But seriously, seriously, I love you
And I don't want us apart
Who needs a broken heart?
I want all this to work
It's not rocket science, is it?

Maybe we should
Order something from the takeaway
Spend the night on the couch watching TV
Maybe we should
Not make things so complicated
Try not to get aggravated anymore
There's a million and one reasons
We shouldn't fall apart
So let's put away the arguments send them out to sea
And forget who's right or wrong
All I wanna do is love you


Jasmin hat gesagt…

Danke für dein Kommentar :)
Schöne Bilder, ich mag vor allem das Letzte und ich liebe dieses Lied!
Liebstes Jasmin

Katja E. hat gesagt…

Ich danke dir für deinen Kommentar und für das Lob (o: