Samstag, Juli 20, 2013

what we´ve done | 5 the last month...
fifth part

My dear and I had a little picknick in the park

My love did these beautiful sunrising photos,
the view out of our flat

The birds still sing outside
These windows
Where we sat together
Like nothing ever happened here
The white house on the hill
And black clouds the weather
And the church spire, over the river
She still sits there
Warming the evening glow
But you don't care about
These scenes I treasure
About these wore swimmers
I know, I know
Seems everything around here
Stays like stone
Seems it's about time darling
About time we let this all go

during my studies, i´m visiting kindergarden.
 i took these photos there


I took a shooting on a stag party. 
We boated a channel in Leipzig.

Do you see little beaver?

My crane and I enjoyed every sunlight.

And the sun vanished, may be long gone
And all these memories we've found
But she'll be here
When it's all done
When I buy this land beneath the ground
She knows everything that goes around
Comes around here
She knows everything that stays here somehow
Guess we'd all begin


  Everything will start again new
Cause everything just goes away my friend
And every king knows it to be true
And every kingdom must one day come to an end

Today is Maria´s wedding.
On the day of the bachelor party 
i took some photos with her.

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eine Bilderflut :D
unglaublich schöne Fotos!